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 Hey, I'm alexxona!

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PostSubject: Hey, I'm alexxona!   Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:30 am

Hi, I'm alexxona, also known as 'cynderfire' on Chicken Smoothie! Smile
I pretty new here and would love to share some stuff about me. Smile
I live in the United Kingdom in England.
I love to draw wolves, cats, dragons and mutated beasties! lol!
So basically, art is my life and I have been drawing since I was very young.
I was inspired by art and decided to become an artist, but my dream/goal is to be an Animator or Manga Artist and Author.
One of my inspirations of art is 'cells'. Yup, 'cells'. I like cellular artwork because it's do with science and creativity.
I spend my time doodling cells (Animal/Plant cells) well, because I'm addicted to art! Hahaha!
And....I'm a total geek! Not the smart geek but more of the study and work geek! study
Yes, I like to study and get good grades because I want to have a great future when I'm older and achieve more in life!
My favorite school subjects are the usual: English, math, Science, History/Geography, Art, ICT and Music.
I'm still a newbie to the paino and still learning how to play it, that's why I take music. ^^
I'm 12 years old, moving to 13 next month!
Imma female Filipina girl, yes I'm from the Philippines! xD
I love role playing, I'm a huge fan of the Warrior Cats Series By: Erin Hunter and Imma book worm! Very Happy
Thankies for reading!
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Hey, I'm alexxona!
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