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Site Rules

We all know about rules, house rules, school rules, work rules, internet rules, ect ect. And everyone knows nobody likes to read them, but you have to. So get over it, we have all faced rules in our lives, and rules are there for a reason, to protect you and everyone else, so think about the next time you wish there were no rules.

Here are the rules for using Roleplay fox and the roleplay forums.

Site rules

No bullying/ harrasment
1. Don't bully/harrass/threaten anyone about anything! it doesn't matter their race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Attacking someone for who they are is unacceptable!

Kid friendy images
2. Images MUST be kid friendly, so if you are posting any images for roleplays and characters alike, make sure they aren't for mature audiences, even if you are over 18 years.

No extreme cussing
3. Cussing is only allowed if you censor it, or you can say it in a funny term, like this- what the fudge?

Do not spam!
4. Spam is making useless posts/threads, repeating something over and over, double posting, or just plain adversiting something in some a unrealated thread (example- posting/making a thread in the fanart forum, just to advertise your roleplay.)

No haking/hackers
5. Never hack into someone's account without their permission, its just plain rude and a violation of privacy.

No art theft
6. Copying or tracing someone else's art without their specified permission is PROHIBITED! If it is a unique pose or design, it is protected by copyright laws, so therefore it is illegal.
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Site Rules
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