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 You Never Told Me (Wolf-dog RP)

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You Never Told Me (Wolf-dog RP) Empty
PostSubject: You Never Told Me (Wolf-dog RP)   You Never Told Me (Wolf-dog RP) EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 8:50 pm

Every dog in the Talnak Forest has a secret. They are the wolf-dogs banned by both packs - wolf and dog - for generations.
A few wolves and dogs broke this rule and have had wolf-dogs. Now the wolf-dogs must live in secret for fear of detection. The lucky ones either look more like wolf or dog and can join packs but others must live in the forest and loners and rogues.
Some wolf-dogs are getting tired of their isolation and want to come clean about their parentage. The choice might kill them.


•Inu's rules for roleplaying and the website in general.
•Three characters maximum and only one can be a wolf-dog.
•Please have proper grammar and capitalization.
•No perfect characters.
•Keep the colors natural. No purple wolves with purple ears.
•Be nice to other role players.
•Fill out the form completely.
•Delete any test (in these) you see on the form.
•Have fun!


Name: (Original please. Nothing like Jake or Fido.)
Looks: (Please describe. Pictures only if neccesary.)
Age: (Can't be over 17 since that's like immortal for a dog)
Type of Canine: (Wolf, dog or wolf-dog)

•The Packs

Lycans of the Plains ~ The wolf pack
Protectors of the City ~ The dog pack
The Abandoned ~ An organized secret group of wolf-dogs
Rogues ~ Any loner of any of the three groups. Often aggressive.
Loners ~ Lone wolves/dogs/wolf-dpgs that keep themselves hidden

•Ranks in All Packs

Alpha ~ Leader of the pack
Beta ~ Second in command of the pack. Can have pups.
Normals ~ Normal member sof the pack. These members hunt and defend the terriory. Can not have pups.
Omegas ~ Bottom rank of the pack and often used as dummies to relieve stress or practice fightign skills. Can not have pups.

•My character

Username: Erille
Name: Hannala (Hala for short)
Gender: Female
Looks: A mostly white wolf with some grey mixedin. Looks similiar to a Siberian Husky the way her markigns are and has deep green eyes. A long body and tail and has abnormally large ears.
Age: 6
Type of Canine: Wolf
Personality: Protective of her pack, since she is an alpha, and also her packmates. Is force about the wolf-dog law and will show no mercy to wolf-dogs, or dogs she comes across. Is short-tempered so she tends to stay away from the pups and younger pack members.
History: Was born as a Loner but the pack took her in at age 1 after being abandoned by ehr mother who couldn't feed her. hala was "adopted" by the alphas and when they died by a kick to the head by a elk, she took over at age 5.
Other: N/A
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You Never Told Me (Wolf-dog RP)
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