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 Please vote on this poll!

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Would you like to move to a new forum?
Yes! it sounds awsome
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No i like this one
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Please vote on this poll! Empty
PostSubject: Please vote on this poll!   Please vote on this poll! EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 3:35 pm

Ok, a friend of mine's had a forum, she decided she didn't want it anymore so she gave it to me >.< and i switched it around a bit and created an even better Radioactive fox!!!

i want to get your opinions before we officialy move, there are a few things i want you to know about the new site
~You can "bookmark topics" so you don't have to go the the forum and look for them there.
~easier navigation
~new boards
~THE ABILITY TO REPORT (i tried turning on the report system here but i can't, so i can't do anything here if you want to report something Sad )
~sigs will show up (i just realized that sigs don't show up here)
~fun wolf ranks (example- 100 posts=pup, 200 posts=omega ect ect)
~epic arcade where you can play awsome games
~and more!

EVERYTHING that you see here and more will be included in the new site, the only thing that won't be there is these smilies- lol! afro flower elephant study scratch rendeer farao king queen jocolor geek santa cherry albino sunny Sleep drunken bom pig rabbit bounce confused affraid Basketball cheers monkey cat alien pale clown pirat tongue Like a Star @ heaven What a Face Suspect I love you No @ cyclops
yep, i know how much you all like the smiles, but i can't do anything Sad but im sure the new site will make up for it. If we move, i hope to see you all there Smile
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Please vote on this poll!
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