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 (not done, I'll finish it later... no posting yet...)

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(not done, I'll finish it later... no posting yet...) Empty
PostSubject: (not done, I'll finish it later... no posting yet...)   (not done, I'll finish it later... no posting yet...) EmptyMon Nov 29, 2010 7:39 pm

I have many a characters, they all have their own little unique personality and story. I work pretty hard on the ones I think I will keep, and they've turned out pretty awesome. I'm making books on them, and often, role plays help me add to the story. One of my characters, Zakari, was born in a role play, his whole attitude and story, but his story changed once I added him in three other role plays. All of my characters are pretty out there, some of them I'm hoping to change because they have to much unfairness to them, like Kyro, my all powerful wolf, yeah, definitely changing his story to make it more fair. Every time I make a new character on a role play, they turn out being one I keep, and eventually make a story to go along with them. Some of my characters, I started a story for, but then shoved them to the back of my work and never got to them. My characters and fursona are a big part of my life, I spend countless hours working on them, and there alot of fun. Anyway, here you go, A little intro to each of my characters and my fursona. ~


Moon is my main character, she's definitely got an interesting personality. She is suppose to reflect me, that's what a fursona's for, right? But she kind of drifted off into her own little world, and now she's just like a character. But that doesn't take away her fursona title. There is only one character that I like better then Moon, but she's still my main. I created her in third grade, me and my friends were really caught up in all that fantasy stuff, and soon got sucked into the world of Warriors as well. So we mixed up those two, and I came out with Moon. I remember role playing her as the silent mysterious one who had all these cool powers, like a ninja. And one of my other friends made Dawnflame, who became her brother a little while after we created them. In fourth grade, Moon's story came along and totally changed her from a ninja to one of those out going leaders.

Personality: She is very sarcastic. If you say something smart to her, she will totally switch that around and make her look like the smart alec, instead of the one who cracked the joke. She is pretty stubborn, when she says something, she is not changing her mind, no matter how much you whine, or try to convince her, she will not change her mind. She is very hard headed, it takes a while to get through to her, like if she does something wrong, and she thinks it was right, it takes alot to show her, her faults. She has a good sense of humor. She is very sweet despite some of her bad traits. She can be loving and kind, she is always looking out for others, especially her rival, Red. It doesn't really make sense, but she is trying to protect and help her rival. She is definitely on the good side, further details will be explained later. She is really fun and a good friend once you get to know her, and get on her good side. She likes to play competition games, one of her favorites is her traditional snowball fight she has every year with a good friend of hers, Flare. She is very accepting and forgiving. She always gives anyone a second chance, and she really understands any situation any cat is in. She knows what others are going through, and why they do what they do. She tries at her best to help whoever she feels is in need. This is Moon's personality in her story, you might meet her on role plays and think otherwise, but that may just be part of her that's showing.

Story: Moon's story is pretty spastic. As a kit, she was born to a clan called Glowingclan, and there was a battle between her clan and another, and one of the enemy warriors stole her from her den, and threw her into a gorge. That's when Kyro dropped a necklace down after her, it swung around her neck, and she formed wings, and that saved her from certain death. She never told anyone but her brother, who jumped in the gorge after her in attempt to save her, though she was the one who ended up saving him. She met Kyro later, and trained with him, and he explained what happened in the gorge. She couldn't wear the necklace at night, on a full moon, or she would remain a winged cat forever. So one night, at the gathering, a battle broke out and her brother died, so she ran to Kyro and took her necklace from him, went back into battle and saved her brother. She never showed her face back at the clans again. She traveled around, all different places, when a battle between a clan all on it's own, and a forest filled with a bunch of dark creatures began. There, all the cats trained by Kyro showed up, they fought off the beasts and saved the other clan, they directed the clan back to Moon's old home, and they claimed the camp as their own. Moon met all the trained cats/other animals there. Soon Red came along, and became her mortal enemy. Red was from a whole generation of demonized cats, so Moon and Flare divers this whole plan to free all the cats. Kyro sends them to different places to learn from clans and what not, and one of the places he sent them to, was the Tribe of Shooting Stars. There Moon and Flare found other winged cats and they all went into battle against the demonized cats, they ended up taking Red and her brother Drake as prisoners, and killing off a whole population of demonized cats, even after that they still hadn't killed the Shadows. Flare at one point, ends up having this whole dark side of him that Moon never knew about, and when they end up being mates and having kits, that dark side somehow got into one of the kits, Batfire, and that's as far as I've got, I might add or take away some things, her story isn't to stable.

Looks- Moon is a light blue color, with white feathered wings. She has a necklace with a darker be crescent moon on it, the strand of the necklace is floating white circles, like pearls, but not. Her eyes are an emerald green color.
As a normal cat, she is a blue-grey Maine coon with green eyes.
Moon --- she's in this video...
(couldn't find many pics of her Sad )
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(not done, I'll finish it later... no posting yet...)
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