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 Mastering The Winds ((Gryphon RP.))

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Mastering The Winds ((Gryphon RP.)) Empty
PostSubject: Mastering The Winds ((Gryphon RP.))   Mastering The Winds ((Gryphon RP.)) EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 1:33 pm

Special thanks to Crystal_Tigryphon for giving me basically the whole idea. ^__^

Gryphon's name:
Species:(what type of animals make up it's body. It has to be a bird and a mammalian predator, no lizard/bats!)
Looks (Includes eye color and any scars):
Chicks: (babies)

"Alpha" Female - Artemis
"Alpha" Male - _____
Second In Command - ______
Females - _____
Males - _____
Chicks - _____
Rogues - _____

Gryphon Terms and Facts

Chicks: Birth to four years
Fledges: Four to ten years
Teens: Ten to twenty years
Adults: Twenty to one hundred years
Elders: Over one hundred

Gryphons live in a matriarchal society, meaning that the females are in charge. Female and male chicks aren't treated any differently, only the High Ruling female and her chicks get special attention. The females are considered less violent, but tend to be violently protective of their flocks, treating the entire flock as their chicks. The lead female often has a hand in the rearing of every chick, and does not hold sole breeding rights.

A rogue is a gryphon without a flock, and they tend to be outcasts, orphans, and runaways. Most join new flocks soon afterward, with some exceptions. When gryhon's do come into new territory, they let out a customary "call" or "song." Each "song" depends on the species the said gryphon is made of (I.E. Wolf/Crow "songs" would begin as a caw and end in a howl.) Any and all Gryphon's in the area ("Area" being defined as within twenty miles of said call.)

Gryphon's have a life-span of 1,000 years or -- in rare cases -- 5 more years. They die at 1,000 - 1,005. None have lived longer, even perfectly heathly ones.

Two gryphons can have chicks WITHOUT having matching parts, like a wolf/eagle can have chicks with a leopard/crow.
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Mastering The Winds ((Gryphon RP.))
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